Engage Together® Virtual Community

The Engage Together® virtual community for justice advocates is an active and relational network of organizations, professionals, and volunteers working to eradicate human trafficking and to address those issues that lead to its existence in our world today.

Whether you are new to this issue or a seasoned justice advocate, the Engage Together® virtual community allows you to learn, to connect, and to take action like never before.

As an organization, you will have access to ongoing information and resources that will enhance your efforts on behalf of others. And when you connect with our AFRJ Global Network Team, you’ll become part of a global network of like-minded organizations and individuals dedicated to collaborative engagement and exponential impact.

As an individual, your interests and abilities will be matched with excellent organizations and exciting opportunities to serve in the field, so that you can strategically engage in this effort - locally and globally.

It is our firm belief that when we engage together, we will succeed in eradicating the evil of trafficking – in the life of an individual, within a single community, and throughout an entire nation.

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