Global Network


The Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice® is dedicated to supporting a vibrant and relational community of vetted organizations, programs, and professionals from a wide variety of sectors.  The Global Network of the AFRJ includes churches, community coalitions, corporations, foundations, government agencies, nonprofits, professional associations, universities, and more.  It is over a thousand strong and growing. 

Our Global Network is first and foremost a relational community – one that is made up of justice advocates committed to collaborative engagement, dedicated to the same Core Values, and devoted to address with excellence the same causes – namely, combating human trafficking and addressing those issues that lead to its existence. 

Through a broad offering of Engage Together® initiatives, the AFRJ is committed to providing our Global Network with the relationships, resources, solutions, and strategies they need to succeed in their efforts on behalf of others. 

When we engage together, miracles happen.  We witness it every day.


Faith Alliance Against Slavery & Trafficking (FAAST) |


Aruna Project |

Crittenton Services for Children and Families |

Healing Place Serve |

The Homestead |

Hope for Justice |

Lawrence Anti-Trafficking Taskforce & Education

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries |

Release Me International |

Restoration 1:99 |

Virginia Beach Justice Initiative |

Wellspring Living |

World Relief |


Depending upon the length and depth of each relationship, those organizations, programs, and professionals active within our network fall into one of three categories:

  • AFRJ Official Partners - AFRJ Official Partners both share and help execute the Mission and Vision of the AFRJ to mobilize a global collaborative network.  AFRJ Official Partners are similar to the AFRJ in the scope of programmatic and geographic reach, and in their proven commitment to a coalition-building mindset and support of an entire global movement. Partnership with the AFRJ is by invitation only and extended to vetted organizations with whom the AFRJ has had a longstanding and close working relationship.
  • Engage Together® Coalition Members – Engage Together® Coalition Members are vetted organizations and entities working with excellence in their communities.  Coalition Members seek to collaborate, learn from one another, share resources, and support one another in the fight to combat human trafficking and protect the vulnerable.  The Coalition is made up of United States based organizations and organizations that operate internationally (who also maintain a registered office in the U.S.).  Membership in the Engage Together® Coalition begins by being nominated by an existing coalition member and completing the Engage Together® Membership Process and Application. 
  • Affiliates - Affiliates include organizations and efforts that have been recently introduced to the AFRJ, as well as leaders and professionals in the field that currently have or desire to have a working relationship with the AFRJ leadership team and our Global Network.

To learn more about becoming a part of our Global Network, please contact the Global Network Team at