The mission and vision of the AFRJ is to mobilize a global collaborative network to end human trafficking and the exploitation of the vulnerable.

Because we firmly believe that strategic, collaborative engagement across sectors is the key to success, we developed the Engage Together® initiative to support our global network and to mobilize others to join the fight.

The AFRJ operates five Engage Together® initiatives, our solution-set to the two chief challenges that exist in the fight to combat human trafficking and protect the vulnerable.

Designed to mobilize a global collaborative effort to engage together on behalf of those in need, the Engage Together® initiatives of the AFRJ include:

Engage Together® Initiatives


Through film, the Engage Together® mobile app, social media, and our sector-specific Engage Together® Toolkit Series, this initiative is designed to move individuals from information to mobilization

VIRTUAL Community

The Engage Together® virtual community of justice advocates strategically matches like-minded organizations and individuals for collaborative engagement and exponential impact on behalf of those in need. Organizations have access to ongoing information to enhance their efforts and individuals are alerted to ways that they can engage efforts unique to their abilities and interests.


The AFRJ serves as a hub for strategic collaborative engagement. Our Global Network Team is available to assist our network of partners, members, and affiliates in their efforts to build relationships, develop strategies, or find needed resources. We are daily assisting our network throughout the nation and around the world in this way — virtually and onsite.


The AFRJ often provides assistance in the development of collaborative, partnership building gatherings and events. The AFRJ also provides financial assistance to our partners, though our methodology will always be to maximize first shared resources among our network base and then to fill in the gaps with financial support when possible.


The AFRJ supports the deployment of both budding and current professionals from a broad spectrum of disciplines to serve on behalf of our partners around the globe.  We are currently building out greater ways to mobilize this unique base.  More details TBA soon.