Global Network:

The Global Network Team serves to provide resources, relationships, solutions, and strategies to organizations and individuals from all sectors who are currently engaged or who desire to engage in the fight against human trafficking and preventing it from occurring in the first place. 

The Global Network is a vibrant and relational community of vetted organizations, programs, and professionals from a wide variety of sectors including, churches, community coalitions, corporations, foundations, government agencies, nonprofits, professional associations, universities, and more. Our Global Network is first and foremost a relational community committed to collaborative engagement.

As a Volunteer or Intern with the Global Network Team you will likely be assigned to some of the following tasks based on personal interests, experience, and knowledge. All volunteer and intern duties can be altered or reassigned as needed at any time. Examples of Global Network Team tasks include:

Support for Members of the Global Network

  • Identifying Member events, opportunities, and needs to share with the public
  • Researching new organizations, trainings, events, and materials 
  • Cataloging and reviewing resources

General Research and Data Entry

  • Compiling reports on organizations, movements, and resources
  • Reviewing resources for Toolkits or other media
  • Researching topics related to issues the AFRJ addresses
  • Data entry

Other special projects as assigned

Attending and participating in networking events amongst non-profit organizations

Marketing & Communications:

The Marketing & Communications Team manages graphic design of all print and digital materials, website maintenance and updates, email and print communications, social media presence, event coordination, production of digital or physical media content, and more. 

As a Volunteer or Intern with the Marketing & Communications Team you will likely be assigned to some of the following tasks based on personal interest, experience, and skill level. All volunteer and intern duties can be altered or reassigned as needed at any time.

Social Media

  • Brainstorming around new campaigns
  • Researching and creating content for social media accounts
  • Working closely with entire marketing team to streamline external communications

Graphic Design

  • Working in Adobe creative suite to assist in graphic design edits
  • Creating images to accompany social media posts
  • Updating already existing materials
  • Brainstorming to create new materials as needed 


  • Assistance with editing all communications 
  • Setting up new email communications as needed
  • Assistance with writing and editing blog posts

Mobile App

  • Editing content for mobile app
  • Writing new content for mobile app


  • Assisting with editing, testing, etc. of all pages of the website
  • Strategizing on new content or reorganization as needed
  • Assistance in building new pages as needed.

Technology Team:

The AFRJ is passionately committed to leveraging technology in defense of the oppressed and vulnerable. We operate a host of cutting-edge technologies to build partnerships, mobilize our network, and combat these evils.

If you are highly skilled in the development and/or management of general IT systems, CMS and LMS systems, mobile app development or data analytics platforms, contact us to learn more about how to serve as a  Volunteer or Intern with the Technology Team.

Special Projects:

At times, there are a range of special projects that individuals can work on alongside AFRJ staff, based on current projects of the AFRJ and the specific interests and skill set of VIA participants.  Examples of special projects include:

  • Community Assessments: researching and mapping specific communities to create a directory of all efforts to combat human trafficking and protect the vulnerable in order to help communities understand their unique strengths and challenges, and to identify and address gaps that still exist.
  • Innovative Models: working closely with an AFRJ supervisor on researching specific models of freedom, restoration, and justice efforts.
  • Grant writing & research of funding sources (grants, foundations, and others)
  • Serving on multiple teams as projects overlap.


All who are interested in applying to be a volunteer or intern with the AFRJ should fill out the online application form or contact us at