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Human trafficking is a complex problem that requires comprehensive solutions. To succeed in eradicating this evil—and to prevent it—will require every sector of your community working together.

To accomplish this, you will need the steps, strategies, and resources to catalyze every sector of your community to engage together in a strategic action plan.

Are you a facilitator or member of your task force or coalition, civic or service association, or other community group?  Get equipped to mobilize your entire community with this Engage Together® Community Group Membership.  

Access step-by-step frameworks, Community Assessment Tools, the entire Engage Together® Toolkit Series with their corresponding online references, templates and handouts, digital downloads and media, supplemental resources, and more. 

When we engage together, miracles happen.

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*August 2019: Discussion Series: “Is human trafficking happening in my community?”, based on a related AFRJ® blog with accompanying PDF, discussion and action questions, and handout.

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