Human Trafficking Awareness Month

In January, we joined with partners to raise awareness of over 1,500 individuals by:

  1. Sharing at the Williamson County Community Forum on all the ways that businesses can make an impact
  2. Joining Send Relief for two podcasts on churches can engage human trafficking and why foster care kids are so very vulnerable
  3. Presenting at Rotary Brentwood in Tennessee on how civic groups are uniquely positioned to engage,
  4. Hosting a webinar for Anthem associates and partners on the nexus between healthcare and human trafficking (Shally Pannikode, Chair of the Freedom Council, hosted the webinar alongside Dr. Jordan Greenbaum of CHOA)
  5. Equipping human resource professionals through a webinar hosted by SHRM-Atlanta,

…and so much more!

Increase your knowledge today by earning your Human Trafficking Awareness badge with Justice U™.