Equipping Groups to Combat Human TraffickingGroup Memberships

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Engage Together® Group Membership contains a wealth of resources and tools tailored to enable entire groups and communities working together.

Group Membership also allows for multiple individuals to have their own login to your Group content, under one membership holder, giving your group ultimate flexibility.

Each Group Membership—available through Engage Together® Online Access—gives practical action steps on engaging human trafficking as a larger community, equipping your group to make an exponential impact.

Create Tailored Mobilization PlansGroup Membership

Get access to Group Membership through Engage Together® Online Access memberships—available for various groups of all sizes.

Explore and join the Group Membership that fits your group best.

Church Toolkit


Explore innovative ways churches and congregations can engage to make difference.

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Community Toolkit


Mobilize and equip individuals, sectors, coalitions, civic action groups, and other community members to engage together to make a difference.

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Church Group Membership

The Engage Together® Church Teaching Series equips churches with the knowledge, resources, ideas, and strategies needed to move forward in their efforts to end human trafficking and to protect the vulnerable in their local community.

For leaders and facilitators, a Church Group Membership will give you all you need to guide your group in developing an action plan unique to your church’s strengths and your community’s needs.

What’s IncludedIn the Church Group Membership

Community Group Membership

Human trafficking is a complex problem that requires comprehensive solutions. To succeed in eradicating this evil—and to prevent it—will require every sector of your community working together to end it.

To accomplish this, you will need the steps, strategies, and resources to catalyze every sector of your community to engage together in a strategic action plan.

Get equipped to mobilize your entire community with an Engage Together® Community Group Membership.

Ideal for leaders and facilitators task forces, coalitions, civic or service associations, businesses, and other community groups.

What’s IncludedIn the Community Group Membership

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