Engage Together® Community Toolkit – Hard Copy


The Engage Together® Community Toolkit is one in a series of sector-specific toolkits. The Community Toolkit is designed to enhance the efforts of existing anti-trafficking coalitions or to support the formation of new coalitions that are committed to engaging together to end human trafficking and the exploitation of the vulnerable. The information, strategies, ideas, and resources shared throughout this Toolkit are drawn from innovative and effective efforts taking place all across our nation.

Whether you are a concerned citizen desiring to bring collaboration to your community by starting a coalition, or an already established coalition seeking to enhance your existing efforts, this Toolkit is designed to be a powerful resource for you. It contains resources for further learning and distribution, ideas for how others are successfully combating human trafficking, and materials to train your Coalition on how to strategically engage your community.

This is a hard copy of the Community Toolkit, for a digital download option click here.

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