The Freedom CouncilAn Assembly of Business Leaders Fighting Human Trafficking

Purpose ofThe Freedom Council

The AFRJ® Freedom Council is an assembly of business leaders and ambassadors from global companies who desire to engage together to end human trafficking and to protect the vulnerable.

The council’s purpose is to develop innovative strategies and solutions – through scalable and replicable business models – that will impact thousands of lives.


Ashleigh Chapman

Ashleigh Chapman


Prior to founding the AFRJ, Ashleigh has served as: the co-founder and Administrative Director of the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law at Regent University School of Law; the Director of a non-profit organization serving thousands of disadvantaged and at-risk children and youth in Tennessee; a Children's Pastor; and a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in foster care.

Ashleigh is a licensed attorney in the state of Virginia. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with her Juris Doctorate from Regent University School of Law, receiving the school’s Most Outstanding Graduate award, and Summa Cum Laude with her B.S. from Tennessee Technological University.

Ashleigh and her husband, Sloan, presently reside in Tennessee, and together, they are committed to spending their lives in service and advocacy on behalf of those in need in our world.

Shally Pannikode

Shally Pannikode


Shalima (Shally) is Vice President of Information Technology at Anthem, Inc., one of the largest health benefits companies in the United States.

Shally is an accomplished IT executive with over 20 years of experience in leading Information Technology Organizations that build and implement large scale software products in the healthcare industry.   In her current role, Shally oversees numerous enterprise-wide packaged and custom developed applications supporting Anthem’s Medical Management Operations.

Shally’s passion for helping others is evident in her embrace of a  servant leadership philosophy.   She puts into practice that philosophy and works everyday to enrich the lives of others through the creation of a more caring organization that is devoted to each team member’s success.

Shally holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science.   Shally, her husband and two children reside in the metro Atlanta area.

May Collins

May Collins


May’s passion for helping others developed through more than 15 years of working in the human services field serving at-risk and foster care youth and individuals with behavioral and developmental disabilities.

She currently works as an Agile Coach at Anthem.  Prior to joining Anthem, May served as a Senior Director of Human Resource for Universal Health Services and Director of Human Resources for Alternative Behavioral Services.

May holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and resides in Chesapeake, VA with her husband.

Participating Companies

Expedite Technology Solutions
Rotary International
Sense Corp
UST Global

UST Global

Participating Members

Barbara Bell-Dees, NASCO
May Collins, Anthem – Council Secretary
Michelle Doy, UST Global
Amer Ghattas, Deloitte
Jamie Gunsior, PWC
Manish Gupta, Wipro
Vadiraj Guttal, Infosys
Scott Holste, Lifeshape
Lauret Howard, NASCO
Alan John, Accenture
Natalie Jones, Metro Atlanta Chamber
Rachel Lissak, Deloitte
Dave McCleary, Rotary
Emma McVey, Metro Atlanta Chamber
Sunil Marneni, Cognizant
Bob Meier, NASCO
Ashok Nangia, UST Global
Beth Olson, PWC
Sujan Pailwan, Infosys
Shally Pannikode, Anthem –Council Chair
Nishi Raina, Expedite, Inc.
Rajeev Ronanki, Anthem
Joe Roslansky, Oracle
Sara Saxner, Metro Atlanta Chamber
Vijay (VJ) Venkat, Wipro

BackgroundHuman trafficking is a form of modern slavery.

Over40 Million

individuals enslaved worldwide.

A$150 Billion


Developing Solutions To Fill The GapsPriority Projects

The United States

Gap: Lack of collaboration and multi-sector, strategic engagement among existing organizations and efforts.

Solution-Set: Develop both virtual and physical spaces that will drive innovation and collaboration, and that will elevate resources, strategies, and solutions to accelerate efforts and increase impact.


Gap: Lack of economic opportunities for survivors and those vulnerable to traffickers, who prey upon impoverished communities and families.

Solution-Set: Create pathways to success for survivors to pursue education and jobs that will lift them and their families out of bondage, and keep them free.

Why Businesses?

The business community is uniquely positioned to end a global business that should not exist.

Progress & Highlights

Tech Innovation

Together, we are developing solutions and tools that are radically transforming communities by providing the data and insights they need to succeed.

CSR Expansion

We are working with all member companies to enhance and expand their existing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to combat human trafficking and protect the vulnerable.

Target Cities

We are building comprehensive solutions for long-term engagement and support in target cities, including Super Bowl Cities (2018 – Minneapolis; 2019 – Atlanta) and cities throughout Asia-Pacific.

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