The visionEnd human trafficking and protect the vulnerable.

Human trafficking does not have to exist in our world today. But it will take a world of people to end it—including you.

How Will You Engage?
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“We have every one of us a work to accomplish… if we persevere indeed, success is certain; but our efforts must know no remission.”William Wilberforce

Business leaders fighting traffickingThe Freedom Council

Business leaders and ambassadors from global companies are engaging together to end human trafficking and protect the vulnerable. The Council is developing innovative solutions that will impact thousands of lives.

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The MissionEngage the Issues Together

Get Equipped

You are uniquely positioned to make a difference. Learn how to join the fight in your local community and beyond.

Mobilize Your Community

Help your community move from one that is aware of human trafficking to one that is engaging together to end it.

Develop Solutions

Support the AFRJ as we develop innovative resources, strategies, and solutions to accelerate the entire movement.

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Justice UBuild critical knowledge to end human trafficking.

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