Mission & Vision

The Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice, Inc.® (AFRJ) exists to end human trafficking and the exploitation of the vulnerable.

We accomplish this by the following three-fold approach: 

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  1. Support those engaged in combating human trafficking and protecting the vulnerable 
  2. Develop the relationships, resources, solutions, and strategies needed to fill existing gaps
  3. Mobilize a global collaborative network to engage together on behalf of those in need

We support both local and global efforts and are dedicated to combating human trafficking as well as addressing those issues that lead to its existence.   

We firmly believe that strategic, collaborative engagement across sectors is the key to success in eradicating the evil of trafficking – in the life of an individual, within a single community, and throughout an entire nation. 

All initiatives of the AFRJ, therefore, come under the banner of our collaborative methodology Engage Together®. Through Engage Together®, the AFRJ is committed to providing justice advocates with what they need to succeed in their efforts on behalf of others.

The AFRJ is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) humanitarian aid organization.

Core Values

At the AFRJ, we are committed to operating with the highest standards, and we abide by the following Core Values:

  • Every human being is entitled to be free from slavery, oppression, abuse, and exploitation
  • Any objectification of human beings for exploitation is unacceptable, including all forms of pornography
  • Individuals and organizations committed to advocating on behalf of those in need must do so with excellence and integrity in all respects and operations
  • Fellow justice advocates are to be treated with honor and respect; everyone matters
  • Strategic, collaborative partnership requires a commitment to serve each other and to work alongside each other in a spirit of encouragement, inspiration, and creative problem-solving