Engage Together®Project Accelerate your efforts to end human trafficking in your community

Why Engage Together® Project?

Are you a local coordinator working to bring your community together in your efforts to end human trafficking?  Or a task force, coalition, or community group looking to increase multi-sector collaboration and accelerate impact?

Then bring the Engage Together Project to your city!  Receive a year of support, with the tools, trainings, and resources you need to help your community succeed - together.

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Every Community NeedsA Comprehensive, Collaborative Action Plan

And support from experts who believe in transformation

That's why...

We developed Engage Together® Project - and award-winning, transformational new resource for states and communities that increases their effectiveness to end human trafficking and protect the vulnerable.




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Engage Together Project includes:

  • Kickoff & Leadership Training Event
  • Access to a host of materials and resources for your community

  • Introduction to successful strategies and programs

  • Training to overcome common challenges and barriers

  • Community Assessment tools that will unearth your unique strengths, gaps, and solutions

  • Monthly support calls with subject matter experts

  • Opportunities to build relationships with other cities engaged with Project

  • Support to build a local team
  • Solutions to catalyze all sectors to engage

  • And more

*We encourage a multi-sector team from your community to go through the Project together.

"Engage Together's model is nothing short of revolutionary, providing breakthrough and unity in ways I've not experienced before. To have leaders unite around a common vision of 'Ending Human Trafficking' and being willing to have hard, candid conversations about what it will take to get there together was powerful to say the least...bearing fruit in just the few short weeks following, with leaders continuing to come together to put action to the conversation and living out the commitment to the united vision. Simply stated... powerful."  Connie H., Kansas City Project

Take a look at recent Engage Together Projects in Tennessee and Wyoming.

How Does Engage Together® Project Work?

Engage Together Project is a collaborative, transformative experience designed specifically to address common challenges and accelerate multi-sector mobilization, providing a path for breakthrough and success for all those working to end human trafficking in their community.


Common challenges - a community response often follows this path:

1. Awareness Grows

The community becomes aware of the impact of human trafficking and begins working diligently to combat it and prevent it.

2. New Programs and Services are created

Those already serving vulnerable populations expand their services. Many new efforts and entities are created to join the cause.

3. Efforts become uncoordinated

With the increase of activity, the challenge quickly becomes keeping up with all the existing efforts and effectively identifying gaps that still need to be filled.

4. Lack of knowledge leads to lack of Direction

As a result, most states and communities are unable to properly forecast what their next steps should be to increase effectiveness - or how to strategically mobilize new groups or sectors to join the cause.

5. Progress slows

At best, this reality leads to slow progress on behalf of those in very great need, and at worst, it leads to conflict, duplicity, and a stalemate of impact.

Engage Together® Project

is designed to overcome these challenges & accelerate impact:

Increase in Network - Increase in Knowledge - Increase in Whole Community Collaboration

The Project will help any individual or organization working to strengthen the anti-trafficking efforts of their community.

This includes: coalitions and task forces; civic groups; faith-based ministries; nonprofit organizations; community leaders; and more.


Engage Together® Project

Strategic Planning &Insights

Multi-Sector Engagement

Expert Resources & Support


All With One Goal ToEnd Human Trafficking and Protect the Vulnerable

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