Engage Together®Project Tennessee Accelerating efforts to end & prevent human trafficking in our local communities

Welcome to the Engage Together Project site for Tennessee. Here you'll find information about where we are in the Project, who is involved, upcoming events, and other important details to support your engagement.

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Engage Together® Project Phases:

Phase 1: Research & Data Collection

Phase 2: Findings Reviews & Reports

Phase 3: Community Mobilization

Accelerated Impact

Where are we now?

Right now, we are in Phase 1 of the Project, gathering information about all those working to address human trafficking and protect vulnerable populations in the state of Tennessee.

If that involves you, you will be hearing from one of our Research Fellows soon, or you can go ahead and contact us today to get the conversation started.

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Please briefly describe what you are doing to address human trafficking or protect vulnerable populations in the state of Tennessee.


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Project Partners

Engage Together Project is made possible by a host of partners working together to end and prevent human trafficking the state of Tennessee, including:

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