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Occupational Profiles

Read these occupational profiles to discover how you can help prevent human trafficking.


Lauren is a barista at the local coffee shop. Lauren’s commute to work is often uneventful, but…
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Business Traveler

Molly begins her day by taking an early train to the airport. As she walks into the bathroom…
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Construction Foreman

Sam is a construction foreman who recently learned about the issue…
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Counseling & Social Work

Springfield Family Services is a nonprofit serving familial and behavioral…
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Independent Sales Consultant

Sarah is an independent consultant for a clothing company. She recently learned…
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Zach and Sasha have two school age children Tim (11) and Amy (14). Zach works at a tech company…
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Small Business Owner

Miguel owns a restaurant on Main Street in his town. One of his regular customers has asked
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Soup Kitchen Volunteer

Ian and Tasha are volunteers at the local soup kitchen. Ian is a chef by trade and Tasha…
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Wendy is a high school history teacher. She is very engaged with her students and with her school…
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Youth Pastor

Jason is a youth pastor at his church. His church has recently become aware of human trafficking and…
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