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Light up your community

Are you looking for resources to mobilize your community or church around the issue of human trafficking? 

Check out the Engage Together® Toolkit Series available for order.

Are you an organization already dedicated to combating human trafficking? Or one that is addressing those issues that lead to its existence? Do you know of an organization serving with excellence in the field? If so, learn more about the AFRJ Global Network or contact our Global Network Team at

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Support the Effort

Want to help us help a great many others? Whether you are an individual, church, corporation, foundation, or other entity, we rely on the generosity and partnership of those who share our mission and vision and want to see it grow. You can support all the efforts of the AFRJ by clicking here or by contacting us via phone or email at 877.727.ENGAGE or

The AFRJ is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Join Our Team

We hope you are already engaged with your local community efforts!  However, if you would like to serve directly with the staff of the AFRJ, you may be interested in applying to participate in our VIA PROGRAM.

Spread the Word

We are dedicated to supporting those engaged in combating human trafficking and to mobilizing those who desire to join them. If you share this vision with us, then share the message with your networks and invite them to become part of the Engage Together® community with you!