Knowledge is Power

Independence Day and Juneteenth are times when we pause as a nation to reflect on freedom, independence, and resilience. There are many types of modern day slavery and exploitation, including labor trafficking, debt bondage, domestic servitude, sex trafficking and others. We’ve compiled a list of some amazing organizations and resources below! Take a look at all they are doing to advance the cause of freedom.  

Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives | FDFI is an abolitionist organization founded by the direct descendants of Fredrick Douglass and Booker T. Washington. FDFI provides educational curriculum, speakers, and other information about modern day slavery in the United States and around the world.  

President Lincoln’s Cottage – Students Opposing Slavery | Each year, SOS hosts a week-long international summit for teens to gain tools and resources to combat human trafficking in their own communities. Learn more about what SOS has to say about being the generation that says ENOUGH.  

Freedom Collaborative | Looking for information on those combating trafficking from the front lines? Freedom Collaborative is an online community of justice advocates from all around the world who are looking to share their knowledge and resources. Sign up for communications, join webinars, and find organizations near you to come alongside.  

10 Countries Most Affected By Human Trafficking | This seven minute video explains the concept of modern day slavery and profiles the ten countries most effected. Learn more about slavery in Nigeria, Russia, and others.  

 What are you learning this week?