Businesses That Bring Freedom

As you are thinking of your holiday gift list and reflecting on your purchases from last year, you might be wondering, what if there is a way to purchase products that help people and not harm them?  What if there is a way to ensure the products you buy come from someone who receives fair wages?  What if you knew that your purchases help provide living wages and prevent vulnerabilities from evolving? When you purchase from a Freedom Business, you can know for sure.

What is a Freedom Business?

You may be familiar with the term, or perhaps you heard someone say they bought an item from a Freedom Business, but do you really know what that means?

Freedom Business: A business that exists to fight human trafficking or commercial exploitation

Freedom Businesses employ both men and women who are at-risk of being trafficked or who have been rescued from human trafficking and exploitation.  Internationally, individuals often fall prey to human traffickers because they are lured by false promises of a job in another town or city.  They desire the ability to provide for themselves and their families, and without knowledge of the tactics used by traffickers, they become vulnerable to human trafficking.  In the U.S., a survivor may have been trafficked at an early age, or may be a foreign national, and therefore has limited options due to lack of education or skills.

How does it work?

Freedom Businesses offer opportunities to survivors or those at-risk by teaching them a skill or trade that they can use to earn living wages.

There are many organizations that exist to support survivors and those at-risk by teaching and equipping them with a specific skill or trade.  This can include creating bags, jewelry, scarves, beauty care products, or baked goods.  This can also occur in the field of technology or in the managerial aspects of a business, such as inventory, shipping, cashier, etc.

Items that are created are often unique and limited edition.  Many times, the item purchased comes with a tag that tells who made the item, providing a personal connection to the item for the purchaser.

Where are Freedom Businesses located?

Freedom Businesses are located all around the world, including here in the U.S.

Where can I buy Freedom Business products?

You can buy Freedom Business products directly from the organization or from a local storefront that carries the products.  While most products are sold online, they are also available in pop-up shops or brick and motor stores.  New Creation is an organization that sells products from multiple Freedom Businesses in their storefront, while iSanctuary and Thistle Farms offer their items on-site and online.

Why are Freedom Businesses important?

Often times, when a survivor begins his or her restoration journey, they are in need of a sustainable living.  Many aftercare programs offer training and opportunities for survivors to learn a skill or trade that equips them for a future where they can either provide for themselves or possess a skill when applying for a job.  Freedom Businesses offer opportunities and prevent vulnerabilities from occurring.

What can I do?

You can purchase items from Freedom Businesses and encourage your friends, family, and employees to purchase from Freedom Businesses as well. If you are hosting a corporate event, you may also be able to buy bags, lanyards, or key chains from Freedom Businesses to use as your company giveaways!

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