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Have you heard about human trafficking and are ready to engage—but not sure how? Do you wonder what you have to offer?

The Engage Together® Toolkit Membership has the strategies and information you need to discover how you can be effective in the fight to end human trafficking and protect the vulnerable.

Membership content is created with input from professionals serving in the field and vetted by our experienced team of advocates.

You have a role in the fight to end human trafficking. Begin today!

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Downloadable resource detailing how you are uniquely positioned to join the fight and where to get started. These Toolkits explain human trafficking and its causes, details the comprehensive Freedom Strategy, and provides specific action items you can take to make a difference—exactly where you already are. This resource equips you to explore the possibilities for engagement.

Regular emails from the Engage Together® to empower you in your unique role. With your membership, you are added to our email communications for receiving updates and helpful information throughout the year. Engage Together® emails help you discover new ideas, learn about additional resources, and explore ways to connect with others to end human trafficking and protect the vulnerable.

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