Our Journey

The founding leadership of the AFRJ have collectively spent decades serving on behalf of those in very great need in our world.  We have poured out our lives, energies, and expertise in service to the oppressed and vulnerable in a great many capacities.  And so our perspective is one that acknowledges the following truth:

The evil of human trafficking did not appear overnight.

It is a result – the gravest of consequences – of leaving many things undone and many issues unresolved for the vulnerable in our world and in our own communities.

And we want to eradicate it. In our lifetime, we want to see the end of human trafficking and prevent it from happening in the first place.

But how? 

We began our journey to find the answer by asking the following two questions:




To answer these questions, we first researched thousands of efforts. And then, we built thousands of relationships with those serving in the field - across sectors - to explore what was being done, what was working well, and where the challenges still existed.

What we discovered through this process was this:

That both the ANSWER and the GREATEST CHALLENGE to eradicating the evil of trafficking – in the life of one individual, in a single community, or throughout an entire nation – is collaborative, strategic partnership engagement.

There existed a great need for developing an approach that will mobilize every sector of society and engage all who are presently working to combat human trafficking together in a comprehensive and collaborative strategy.

Building upon decades of experience and expertise, years of research, and countless conversations with others in the field, we developed a multi-sector, multi-level plan.  One that would engage all relevant parties on behalf of successfully combating human trafficking and addressing those issues that lead to its existence.  A plan that would create exponential impact by supporting, developing, and mobilizing a global collaborative network to engage together on behalf of those in need.

And so, in early fall of 2013, the Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice, Inc.® and the Engage Together® Initiative was born.