Knowledge is Power

From Francis Bacon to Thomas Jefferson – many wise people have understood that knowledge is power. What are you learning this week? 

If you’ve been following along with our blog, you know we are passionate about learning all that we can about human trafficking and related issues. We also know that often this is a moving target. Will you join us to continue growing in our awareness about modern day slavery? We’ve compiled some interest tidbits and human trafficking resources for you. Take a look!

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month | While child sex trafficking IS, of course, a form of a child abuse, only 23 states define all forms of it as such. Is your state one of the 23? If not, do you know what to do about it? Shared Hope International has some suggestions for taking action to ensure your state changes these laws.

Driver using GPS in interstate trafficUber enlists drivers to fight human trafficking | Ride sharing giant, Uber commits to the fight to end human trafficking by providing education to its drivers across the United States. They are working with experts from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, ECPAT-USA, and Thorn.

Trucker’s Against Trafficking | In other transportation news, Trucker’s Against Trafficking offers programs and training for the eyes of the road. FedEx drivers, bus drivers, UPS drivers, law enforcement, and more. Do you know someone who could use training on how to spot human trafficking while on the road? Share their resources.

Stacks of printed t-shirtsNPR Planet Money | Have you ever wondered where your t-shirt comes from and who had a hand in creating it? NPR’s planet money did and put together this incredible story following their shirt from the cotton field to the printing and packaging. Learning who makes your clothes is as important as knowing what they are made of.

#WhoMadeMyClothes | Ask your favorite companies who made your clothes by posting the label to social media with the hashtag: #WhoMadeMyClothes. April 23-29 is Fashion Revolution Week.

What resources have you found? Anything you are excited to share? Comment below with what you learned this week.