National Adoption Month

As of October of 2017, there were over 117,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted and only 4,714 intercountry adoptions to the U.S.

People may not know what they have to offer when it comes to adoption, but there is something EVERYONE can do.  November is National Adoption Month, and a time when community members, professionals, parents, and YOU can engage in the national conversation about adoption in the United States and abroad.  Whether this looks like bringing awareness to the number of children waiting to be adopted, sharing the challenges of adoption, or supporting adoptive families, there are ways to become involved.

Need to start with the basics?  Learn more about what adoption, both private and through foster care, looks like in the U.S. as well as the process for adoptions abroad.  Then, find out how you can share these resources or engage to make a difference!

Resources for You

Child Welfare Information Gateway | Whether you are a prospective adoptive family, adopted adult, professional working in the field, the Child Welfare Information Gateway has everything you are looking for.  From research to resources, there is a wealth of knowledge available.

National Council for Adoption | Looking for the most relevant foster care and adoption issues?  Want to know what adoption laws exist?  Looking for an agency?  The National Council for Adoption offers resources for policymakers and professionals as well as adoptive families, adopted adults, and birth parents.

AdoptUSKids | Prospective parents can access the only federally funded national photo-listing service to be connected to children waiting to be adopted.  AdoptUSKids connects prospective families to youth in care and offers support to child welfare professionals, helping to improve services and create forever families.

Congressional Coalition on Adoption | Educating policymakers about adoption challenges and needs is imperative.  CCAI raises awareness about children, domestically and globally, that are in need of safe and loving families. Through several programs, they bring voices of experience and expertise before lawmakers to advocate policy changes.

National Adoption Day | November 17th is National Adoption Day.  Want to get involved but don’t know where to start? Whether you are an individual, business, faith-based organization, or elected official, there are resources for you that can bring awareness about youth waiting to be adopted.  The day is also one when adoptions are finalized, and adoptive families are created and celebrated.

Adoption Friendly Workplace | Employers are uniquely positioned to support parents looking to adopt. The Dave Thomas Foundation releases their annual 100 Best Adoption Friendly Workplaces List that highlights workplaces who offer adoption benefits to employees.  The foundation also offers resources with step-by-step guides for the adoption process, post-adoption resources, and additional research.

Wait No More® Campaign | Want to host an event at your church to educate families on how to help kids who are waiting to be adopted? The Wait No More® Campaign offers resources to help you work with your community, local professionals, and agencies to bring awareness to your congregation.


What information do you want to know about adoption? How has your community engaged? Let us know in the comments below!


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