In the Headlines

Take a moment to see what is happening in the news, nationally and internationally, to address human trafficking and the connected vulnerabilities.


Take down of the largest darknet child pornography website | Earlier this month, U.S. and international agencies arrested and charged 337 users of the website that used Bitcoin to purchase videos. The operation resulted in the seizure of approximately 8 terabytes of child sexual exploitation videos, which is one of the largest seizures of its kind.


Airbnb & Human Trafficking | Airbnb may not have the same legal responsibilities as formal hotels, but the reality that human trafficking and exploitation can occur in rentals goes unaddressed. Learn what accountability looks like, what risks are involved, and what steps can be taken to address this crime in cities where rentals are offered.


Supply Chain Transparency | In the latest episode of Ending Human Trafficking podcast, guest speaker Benjamin Thomas Greer from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, who is a Subject Matter Expert in the field of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation, addresses the questions “Who is watching the watchdog? Is supply chain transparency working?” Learn about the intricacies of the California Supply Chain Act, successes and challenges in the field, and how you can engage.


November is National Adoption Month | In the discussion about adoption, there can be a focus on younger children, but this year’s theme is “Youth Voices, Why Family Matters,” and it focuses attention on the importance of permanency for older youth. Check out their videos, webinar, social media, and more to learn what you can do to help bring awareness to your community.


Dressember | How can wearing a dress every day in December raise awareness about human trafficking? People around the world have joined in this campaign to raise awareness and funds through individual campaign pages, social media, and conversation starters; even men have joined by wearing a tie every day! Learn how you can join or support someone in this creative, innovative, and simple way. And check out Dressember’s product line of dresses to help support women in India.


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