Why You Are Uniquely Positioned To Help End Human Trafficking

When you first hear of human trafficking, perhaps you feel overwhelmed. With numbers and statistics in the millions, it is hard to imagine what you can do. Perhaps you learned about it happening overseas, and you think you can only support from afar or take a trip there. Or maybe, when you really think about it, it appears so dark and scary that you don’t think you even want to engage.

These are all common responses people have, but be encouraged – the possibilities of ways you can engage right where you are, today, are limitless! Before you can even begin to explore the possibilities of what you can do, it’s important to know why you are already specifically and uniquely positioned.

You must understand that your life can intersect with human trafficking every day. From the foods you eat to the clothes you wear to the neighborhood you live in to the places you frequent, you are in the perfect position to make a difference.

Your Skills, Talents, and Resources

Did you know the passions, interests, skills, talents, resources, and networks you already have are what is needed in the fight to end human trafficking? So often, people think they have to be law enforcement, a doctor, counselor, etc. to be able to take action. But there are so many other needs. If you teach yoga, art, gardening, or music, your skills and passion are needed in aftercare programs that work with survivors. Your business skills in marketing, accounting, and contracts can help an organization start up, run efficiently, or become familiar with the information they need to be successful. Your love for cooking, crafting, and writing can help at-risk youth find their gifts and talents or help survivors develop the skills and outlets they need. Whatever skill or passion you have, it is needed!

Your Network

The connections you have to your work, the leaders and parents in activities your kids participate in, the civic club you are part of, or the school your kids attend are all places where you can share with, educate, and activate others. You can bridge the connection between human trafficking and its intersection with your church, your work, or the focus of your group, allowing those in your network to take action. Perhaps a program has a specific need and you know the exact person that could help, or there is a need that your church or civic group could meet that falls in line with where they are already serving.

Your Community

Your community needs you. While they may have incredible services already available, there are still needs. And whether it is your skills, talents, resources, or those in your connections, you can be the link between the need and the solution. Reach out to those working in your community, find out what their pain points are, the barriers that exist, and the needs they have. While you may not be able to fulfill them all, perhaps someone you are connected to can. Your community is already serving vulnerable populations but just may be in need of that connection you already possess.

You Are Needed

Whether it be your passions, your connections, or your community, you are needed. Today. You don’t have to wait any longer to take action. You are uniquely positioned, right where you are, to make a difference. Check out the Engage Together® My Role page to find specific resources that will help you on your journey to join the fight to end human trafficking.